Economic Relations

Bilateral Economic Relations:

Trade and economic relations and cooperation between Iran and Slovenia goes back to the former Yugoslavia era, which due most of the industrial sections of the former Yugoslavia was located within this region, a good knowledge from both markets exists in both countries. Though during the recent years, due to the sanctions against Iran, the trade volume has been shaky and the surplus has been positive for Slovenia.

The Nuclear deal which was followed by the rush of European political and economic delegations towards Iran on one hand and defining economic diplomacy as a priority from Iran and Slovenia on the other hand, lead to an approach from Slovenia in improving its economic relations with Iran.

In this regard we witnessed the visit by Zdravko Počivalšek Slovenian Minister of Economic Development and Technology accompanied by a large governmental and private economic delegation in January 2016 to Iran. During this visit four major companies from Slovenia, including: Comita, Duol, Riko and Iskratel opened a joint representative office in Tehran, also the first show room from Gorenje, home appliance producer was also opened  by the Slovenian Minister of Economic Development and Technology in Tehran.

A year later, Zdravko Počivalšek accompanied President Pahor and a large economic delegation on his visit to Iran. On the sidelines of this visit several investment contracts and joint projects were signed between the private sectors of the two countries.